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A Woman's Guide To Meeting Mr. Right Using Online Dating

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It’s easy for a woman to receive a lot of responses to her online dating profile… pose naked for your profile picture… but if you are like the 99% of women that believe love is more than the physical form and interactions of two bodies, then what do you do, where do you go, how do you start?


1. You don't call him after the first initial exchange which leads you to telling too much in emails to him. This leads to a "fantasy picture" in your mind of the guy, which then leads to disappointment...

2. You're not honest in your own profile, which attracts exactly the guys you don't want to meet...

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Here’s a great online dating tip: start with the big websites listed on this page: the wider the sea, the greater the selection.

Always post a recent picture, just a headshot, to go along with you profile. And smile, or laugh, whatever, be “jovial” but not obese looking… even if you are (then just pose for your headshot with your chin resting lightly on your hand, hide that “double chin like a professional actor would).

The best photos always get more responses than the older looking photos, the ones with bad lighting, other people in the shot and, of course, a picture with a face that isn’t smiling.

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By using easy to understand techniques women can avoid the "pick-ups" of online dating and center von the real rewards of online dating: meeting Mr. Right.

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